Why You Need a Kegerator

"The greatest invention in the history of mankind." - Hops Aficionado

If you enjoy drinking your favorite beer on tap and having it served at the correct temperature, you need a kegerator. Actually, anybody who loves craft beer should have one. Here's why:

  • Draft beer tastes better than beer from a bottle.
  • Draft beer is more economical than beer from a bottle.
  • YOUR bar is always open.
  • No driving issues.
  • Drinking from a keg is more environmentally friendly than bottles.
  • You will become more popular and have more friends.


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Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lovers

"Good people drink good beer." - Hunter S. Thompson

We've created a page to help those who are trying to find the perfect gift for the beer lover in their life. Regardless of your spending budget, or your knowledge of beer, there will be something you can feel comfortable buying. Click the link below to visit our gifts page.

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Proper Beer Tasting

If you've either been invited to a beer tasting party, or you'd just like to learn about new beers, basic beer tasting skills will help.

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Think Global - Drink Local

Can drinking locally brewed beer, rather than massed produced beer save the planet? Probably not, but there are some benefits beyond drinking better beer.

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